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Ch. Charterwood Marquis

Ch Charterwood Marquis

Breeder: Jill Philpott, Charterwood, England

Ch Marquis Winning Cavalier  Ch Maquis Cavalier Group Win

Castlekeep Cavaliers Breeders Georgia Atlanta

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CH Castlekeep Cinnamon Spice

Owner: Marcia Garstin
CH Castlekeep Buford
CH Charterwood Marquis x CH Charterwood Damask

CH Castlekeep Paloma Loxley
CH Charterwood Marquis x Charterwood Lynette

CH Castlekeep Northern Spy
"Scout" at 18 months

CH. Castlekeep Remy Rainbow

Castlekeep Romantic Puzzle

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels of Castlekeep Cavaliers Breeders of Champions 
Ch Charterwood Marquis Winning Cavalier at home

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