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Castlekeep Cavaliers
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Castlekeep Cimaron                Castlekeep Clooney Brown
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Castlekeep Cavaliers

                         King Charles Cavalier Puppies Puppy  CH Castlekeep Barnstormer

Ch Castlekeep Barn Stormer Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Champion
Ranked #3 Cavalier of 2006
Breeder/Owner: M.J. Anderson

CH Castlekeep Magic Dragon

CH Castlekeep Magic Dragon  Ch Castlekeep Magic Dragon Cavalier King Charles Champion

Ranked #8 Cavalier of 2008
Breeder-Owner: Marlene Anderson

CH Castlekeep Sabrina Fair

Castlekeep Sabrina Fair
Owner: Liz Keane

AKC GCH Castlekeep Cimaron

CH Castlekeep Cimaron
Owner: Liz Keane
GCH Castlekeep Clooney Brown
Castlekeep Clooney Brown Winners Cavalier  Cavalier Clooney Brown Winners Dog
Best Puppy and Best of Winners                      WD Major Win 7 months old
Owner: Lisa Carnes
GCH Castlekeep Sugar Daddy
Castlekeep Sugar Daddy Winners Cavalier
Owner: Marlene Anderson & Lisa Carnes
Castlekeep Jessica Paloma
Cavalier winners Castlekeep Jessica Paloma
Owner: Lisa Carnes

CH Castlekeep Paloma By Jove

Owner/Handler: Mike Swearengin
Castlekeep Paloma Ella Fitz
Castlekeep Paloma Abby Lincoln
Castlekeep Abby and Ella - Best Brace in Show
Best Brace in Show
Owner: Dawn Campbell
Handler: Mike Swearengin
CH Castlekeep Paloma Chiffon "Jackie" 
Ch Castlekeep Paloma Chiffon
CH Castlekeep Barbaro

Castlekeep Barbaro
Castlekeep Taj
1st American Bred Dog AKC National Cape Cod
CH. Marquis x India
Castlekeep Taj  Castlekeep Taj at Nationals
Ch Castlekeep Cinnamon Spice
Ch Castlekeep Cinnamon Spice Cavalier Champion
Owned by: Marcia Garstin
CH Castlekeep Buford

CH Castlekeep Buford
Owners: M. Parris/M. Anderson

CH Castlekeep Northern Spy

CH Castlekeep Northern Spy
at 8 months old

Ch. Charterwood Blackberry
First Open Tri- National 2006
Judge Norma Ingles-Craigowl/England

Charterwood Blackberry
Breeder: Jill Philpott

CH Charterwood Dynamite
CH Charterwood Dynamite
Owners: M.J. Anderson, D.C. Campbell & C. Deloache
Breeder: Jill Philpott

CH Castlekeep Big Sur
Castlekeep Big Sur
Handler/Co-owner K. Madill

CH Castlekeep Olivia
Ch Castlekeep Olivia Champion Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
AKC & Can. CH
Castlekeep Kipling
CH Castlekeep Kipling


CH Castlekeep Tulsa

Ch Castlekeep Tulsa Winner
CH Castlekeep Remy Rainbow
Ch Castlekeep Remy Rainbow Cavalier Champion

CastleKeep Cavaliers
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